Teixeira update

This may actually be more of a non-update, but here goes: Based on what Nick Cafardo and I have heard from sources around the league involved with Teixeira Mania (and what a quick trip around the internets suggests) the Red Sox remain a prominent – if not primary – factor in the race to sign the first baseman.

Those monstrous offers John Henry referenced in his e-mail last night, it seems likely, are merely figments of Borasian negotiation. As Tony Massarotti explained in his edifying column this morning, the agent has done this before, and Henry may be (successfully) calling a bluff.


Then again, the most definitive piece of information available is a statement made by the Red Sox owner saying “it seems clear we are not going to be a factor,” so it would seem premature to start calling the Red Sox favorites again.

The murky conditions surrounding Teixeira and the Sox were not clarified today when Theo Epstein attended the press conference JetBlue held at Logan in conjunction with becoming the official airline of the Red Sox. (Nice timing, eh, Theo?) When a reporter (me) approached Epstein, he grinned, shook his head and said, “Nothing. Sorry.”

During the press conference, Red Sox marketing guru Sam Kennedy took the podium and said: “I see some of our baseball writers here. You may have heard Theo was traveling last night. I have an announcement to make: They love the TVs.” Epstein, standing off to the side, offered a why-are-you-saying-that? grin and a thumbs up. He hasn’t lost his sense of humor, anyway.

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