Angels out of Teixeira hunt?

If we can take today’s latest development at face value, it appears the Angels have dropped out of the hunt for free-agent first baseman Mark Teixeira.

The Angels confirmed to the Globe an earlier report by’s Ken Rosenthal that the team has withdrawn its offer to Teixeira.

“We have indeed withdrawn our offer and ceased negotiations,” Angels spokesman Tim Mead said in an e-mail.

The news is reminiscent of Red Sox owner John Henry’s proclamation late Thursday night that Boston was “not going to be a factor” for Teixeira after hearing other offers. However, an unnamed source close to the talks reportedly told Rosenthal that the Angels’ decision is more final than Boston’s.


Angels GM Tony Reagins confirmed last week the club had an eight-year deal on the table for Teixeira, speculated to be worth around $160 million.

Unnamed sources close to the process told Yahoo! Sports’ Tim Brown that Angels owner Arte Moreno thought Teixeira had no intention of returning to the Angels and that his team was being used to drive up the price.

The Nationals, Orioles, and Red Sox have made offers to Teixeira, and the Yankees could be in the hunt as well, depending on who you believe. Despite Henry’s declaration, the Red Sox are still considered to be very much in the hunt.

So where do the Red Sox currently stand? Team officials remained mum today, leaving their official stance on Teixeira unchanged since owner Henry’s declaration.

An unnamed source told Brown the Red Sox have not spoken to agent Scott Boras since Thursday night.

The Globe’s Adam Kilgore contributed to this report.

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