Teixeira + Nats = World Series?

Who says Mark Teixeira would be signing with a loser if he chooses the Washington Nationals? Certainly not young Nationals starting pitcher Collin Balester. The Washington Post’s Nationals Journal blog reports that Balester, a 22-year-old who made 15 starts last year, had this to say when asked, during an appearance on the satellite radio show “Minors & Majors with Grant Paulsen,” about his team landing Teixeira:

“If that happens it’s going to be a dream come true. That guy is a great player and if he comes to the nation’s capitol, watch out, we’re going to the World Series and we are winning it all. I’m calling it right now. We’re playing four games in the World Series, sweep, see ya!”

As my man Chico Harlan (a Globe sports intern once upon a time) points out, Teixeira has never won a playoff series, although he did hit .467 against the Sox in this year’s American League Division Series.


For the moment, all is quiet on the Teixeira front in regards to the Sox. That doesn’t necessarily mean nothing is going on, but the Sox have been silent since John Henry’s e-mail Thursday night. Mercifully, though, we could be nearing the end of Teixeira’s free agency. As Buster Olney hypothesizes today: “It seems that the game has played itself out, the last cards have been dealt, and now Teixeira is in position to make his decision.”

I think we all hope Olney is right. But the way this has dragged out, would anyone be surprised if that ol’ dealer doesn’t have few more cards to throw out there?

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