Henry says he was told Sox were low bidders for Teixeira, and Boston wasn’t high on free agent’s list

A day after Mark Teixeira was introduced as the newest member of the New York Yankees, there may be more questions than answers regarding the Red Sox pursuit of the prized Scott Boras client.

In an e-mail last night to Jack Curry of the New York Times, Red Sox owner John Henry said he found it “curious” that Boston wasn’t high on Teixeira’s list of destinations and that the Red Sox were the low bidders for the free agent’s services:

Henry said the Red Sox were unaware of [Teixeira’s wife] Leigh’s preference for the Yankees, but “felt all along that the Yankees were going to get the last call” from Boras. Since the Red Sox had proposed an eight-year deal for about $170 million, Henry said he found it curious they were told “that we were the low bidders and Boston wasn’t high” on Teixeira’s list.

“At one point, I asked Scott, given their feelings, why we shouldn’t pull out,” Henry said in an e-mail message. “His answer was, ‘Maybe you should.’ And we did.”

By leaving the negotiations, it seemed as if the Red Sox were calling Boras’s bluff and were trying to get him to prove that he had a better offer from the Los Angeles Angels, Baltimore or Washington. As Henry had expected, Boras still had the Yankees on speed dial, too.

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