Beckett throws bullpen session


Josh Beckett throws a bullpen session today in Fort Myers. (Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Josh Beckett threw his first bullpen session of the spring in front of many interested observers, including pitching coach John Farrell, fellow pitchers Jon Lester and Javier Lopez, and a bunch of Red Sox minor leaguers.

Throwing to catcher Dusty Brown, Beckett tossed 62 pitches over 20 minutes. For those interested in Beckett’s physical appearance (the subject of much discussion last spring), he looks in good shape.

Lester also threw a bullpen session to Brown with Farrell looking on.

“With the prolonged rest, a chance for his body to recover, it’s really what he needed most is just to get away from the game, to allow his body to recoup physically, which it has done,” pitching coach John Farrell said, of Beckett. “His workouts, even when he started back in with the strength and conditioning program, the early part of the throwing program, there were no issues. He comes in today and as his progression has continued he’s probably more in line with where he was in ’07 rather than the start of ’08 large in part because he had a couple extra weeks to rest and recover.”


That time, of course, came when the Sox were sent home from the ALCS by the Rays.

The new arrivals so far today have been Tim Wakefield and Lopez.

(Updated at 2:05 p.m.)

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