Morning light

All’s quiet on the Ft. Myers front this morning, with the players taking their physicals and the facilities remaining closed to the media until noon.

John Smoltz, who is in a camp other than the Atlanta Braves’ for the first time since 1987 (when he was a 20-year-old Detroit Tigers prospect ticketed for Double A), is scheduled to talk with reporters at some point this afternoon, so be sure to check back later for Amalie Benjamin’s report.

Elsewhere,’s Rob Bradford had an insightful interview with Mike Lowell last night in which the third baseman said he is “optimistic” that he will be healthy and in top form this season. He also admitted it wasn’t easy watching from afar as the Red Sox pursued Mark Teixeira, whose acquisition likely would have led to Lowell being traded. “The natural reaction is to feel hurt, and I definitely was,” Lowell said.

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