Twins territory?


FORT MYERS, Fla. — Lest you believe Red Sox Nation has a stranglehold on the Fort Myers area, it’s a three-horse race in this region and the Twins are the early frontrunner from what we’ve seen.

Twins spring training schedules (pictured, left) dot hotel lobbies in the Fort Myers area and the local paper, The News-Press, splashed an image of the Twins working in the batting cage on the front of this morning’s paper.

In addition to the Sox and Twins, the Rays operate out of recently renovated Charlotte Sports Park in nearby Port Charlotte. Coming off a World Series appearance, the team is sure to draw heightened interest this spring.


And Truck Day? Well, that belongs to the Twins down here, too.

The News-Press writes today lamenting the lack of star players due to the World Baseball Classic.

The Red Sox officially opened camp today with the first pitcher and catcher workout. The Rays start tomorrow, while the Twins get started Monday.

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