Beckett’s Q&A

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A few highlights from Josh Beckett’s Q&A with the media:

On if last year was a lost season because of injuries

“We were a couple of runs away from going to World Series … I still don’t consider it a lost season, there were some times in there where there were some lost moments, one of those years you look back on. Hopefully this year is a blessing and helps me throw more innings this year than I have in the past.”

If he did anything differently this offseason

“Not really, we did the same program, mixed in some different things to keep it fresh, that’s about it.”


On shutting it down after last season

“Six weeks, something like that, seven weeks. We started working out on the same day that we normally do; shoulder stuff was earlier than that … We usually start the day after Thanksgiving. Have a nice Thanksgiving Day meal with pie, start working out the next day.”

On the importance of spring training

“Spring training is important for lot of different reason. It’s important to come out healthy. That’s what everyone preaches and I was not able to do that [last year] and I wasn’t able to get on a roll after that.”

On if he was amazed at what he did while injured in the postseason

“I don’t know if it was amazing, a lot of people have done better things than that. I wasn’t in excruciating pain or anything. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done, but we masked the things the best we could.”

On what he didn’t have in the playoffs because of the injury

“I think it was everything. You don’t have any explosion, no explosiveness.”

On if he had his elbow checked during the offseason

“No, it never recurred. Like most athletes, when it goes away, you just try to put it behind you, mentally too.”


On the Sox’ offseason moves

“I like all the moves. Brad Penny is a proven 16-17-game winner, multiple times. John Smoltz, I think he’s slowed down a little bit, but you’ve got a guy who’s arguably one of best pitchers in the playoffs. Back him off now and have him 100 percent in October … I don’t look outside of our guys, don’t look at who someone else has, everyone we can run out there, we have a good chance to win.”

On aiding Jon Lester’s development

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. He’s done everything else himself.”

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On the A-Rod saga

“I’m really, really good at minding my own business.”

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