A-Rod takes questions

TAMPA, Fla. — Alex Rodriguez has all eyes on him all the time, but the embattled superstar thinks that being on the field and winning a championship could help take some of the attention off him.

“I’ve had some practice,” A-Rod said in a conversation with reporters today at the Yankees’ training complex when asked about being in the spotlight after his admission of steroid use.

Rodriguez scoffed at an ESPN reporter’s question about whether he thought about retiring, asking the reporter, “Are you thinking about retiring?”

Rodriguez said that there’s no confirmed date when MLB investigators will peak to him about his admission. “I believe it will be in Tampa, but I’m not sure,” he said.


Otherwise, Rodriguez wasn’t commenting on anything related to steroids, including any information about his infamous cousin, who supposedly supplied him with the steroids which he shot twice a month over a six-month period for three years while with the Texas Rangers.

Rodriguez was also asked about reports that the steroid “Boli” was not sold legally in the Dominican at the time he said he took it. “I’m not going to comment on that. That’s slang anyways.”

He sad he realizes the story isn’t going to go away for quite some time.

“It’s gonna take a while,” he said. He was also asked if he has to be careful outside the game and he said, “Sure, absolutely. You have to think about everything. Look, for the next 18-24 months you have to be really aware and really focused. For me it’s playing baseball and trying to be the best father I can.”

Will this constant cloud over him affect his play?

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’ll tell you in May and hopefully I’ll be doing well with it. So far I’m feeling good just because I’m back out on the field getting ready for the season. We have a very good team. We have one goal this year.”


Rodriguez was asked whether winning a championship would help take the attention off him.

“Again this is uncharted territory,” he said. “I do think a world championship would help. You know it can’t hurt.”

Then he reiterated this: “Honestly, my teammates have been overwhelmingly supportive.”

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