Ortiz on Dominican trainer, shoulder

FORT MYERS, Fla. — David Ortiz spent five minutes answering questions this morning about his relationship with Angel Presinal, amid reports that Major League Baseball investigators want to talk with Alex Rodriguez about his work with the Dominican trainer.

The Globe’s Amalie Benjamin provides the full transcript.

Asked about his ties to Presinal, Ortiz said: “I gotta tell you, we had this facility, five minutes away from my house and he’s one of the guys that trains everybody. That’s what everybody does. It’s in the center of the city, right in the middle where everybody lives, like an Olympics place where everybody goes to workout, do hitting, running, and other stuff.”


Ortiz stressed he had worked with Presinal, but the trainer never pushed him toward steroids.

“I’ve known him for a long time,” said Ortiz. “All I know from him is how to keep our bodies ready; working out, teaching how to do the right exercises and things like that. He’s not just teaching baseball players, he has a guy who runs marathon, a volleyball player, basketball player, everybody. He’s been doing that for years. All I know is we all work out with him as a group of guys that want to be ready in spring training. And that’s about it.”

The New York Daily News reported Friday that Presinal had a longstanding relationship with Rodriguez and accompanied him for the entire 2007 season as well as earlier in his career, when he played for the Texas Rangers. According to the Daily News’ sources, Presinal stayed in the same hotels as A-Rod but in a separate room with Rodriguez’s cousin Yuri Sucart, who A-Rod said was his source for steroids during his years with Texas (2001-03).

After the session, Ortiz was asked about his ailing shoulder, which kept him off the practice fields the past two days.


“It’s better,” said Ortiz, who was sporting an ice pack on his left shoulder. Asked if he would hit today, Ortiz said he would.

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