Drew to play Friday

J.D. Drew said this morning he will return to the lineup tomorrow, his first action since flying to Boston on Sunday to receive a cortisonal shot Monday in his lower back. He planned to take live batting practice today. While acknowledging the seriousness of a needle in the spinal area, Drew downplayed the shot’s effect on his ability to contribute on the field.

“Some of the stuff that was being written,” Drew said, “I got kind of a kick out of it. More than anything, it’s just — we were talking about some of the residual stiffness I had throughout the offseason, and really wished I could get rid of it. So I worked with a chiropractor. We started talking about the facet tightness that I had. He thought that may be the main cause of that residual stiffness, when I’m sitting around, riding on airplanes, sitting around the house. Really, the only way to know if it was going to work or not was to go ahead and try the injections. If it worked, it was great, we could maybe get that freed up. If he didn’t, we could try something different. It’s felt really good that last couple of days.”


Drew said doctors told him he could receive three or four shots in a calendar year, if necessary. “My thing was, after talking to the training staff, is just trying to figure out if we did this one time, if that would actually break the cycle of inflammation in those facet joints, if it would allow me to do certain things where they were kind of grinding on each other and bound up. It can be years before I have to have another one. Or it could be months down the road. I don’t know. My thing was to see if it would work, to see if it would break the cycle of inflammation in those facet joints. From everything that I can see, it did have some benefit.”

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