Pedroia injured at WBC

Dustin Pedroia suffered a strained lower left abdominal region, though word is the strain was mild (Editor’s note: Doctors at the WBC originally pronounced that he had a mild strain in his left oblique, according to a baseball source). Pedroia is expected back in Fort Myers, Fla., tonight — he is coming from Miami, where he is with Team USA for the WBC — where Red Sox team doctors will examine the second baseman.

“I was hitting extra yesterday and kind of felt some soreness,” Pedroia told reporters in Miami today. “Started taking flips today and I kind of felt a shooting pain a little bit. Our hitting coach, Reggie Smith, said, ‘Hey, that’s it. Go get checked out.’ Our trainer obviously called the Red Sox and I’ll get checked out by the doctors there. I think it’s more precautionary than anything. Obviously I’m upset. It’s a couple of days and I’ll be back tomorrow after I get checked out. I’ll continue playing. It’s up to the Red Sox. I don’t really have a say in that matter.”


Pedroia was asked if he had ever had an oblique problem, the same issue that Josh Beckett suffered from in the postseason last year.

“No, nothing like that,” Pedroia said. “I’ve never really had anything like this which is why it’s frustrating. Obviously I train real hard in the offseason to get ready and try to prevent something like this from happening. Maybe I tried a little too hard too fast to get this going. I’ll get it checked out tomorrow.”

He will clearly not play in tonight’s game against Puerto Rico, and will be replaced by Mark DeRosa.

It is not yet known whether Pedroia will ultimately be able to return to play in future games in the WBC.

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