Werner invites Captain Phillips to Fenway

Red Sox owner Tom Werner hopes to honor Captain Richard Phillips, who was rescued from Somali pirates last week, with a day at Fenway Park.

Werner invited Captain Phillips, a cargo ship captain now living in Underhill, Vt., to throw out the first pitch during an official “Captain Richard Phillips Day” at Fenway.

In tonight’s episode of the television entertainment show “Extra,” Werner says in a videotaped message, “I was so inspired like everyone else by your story… As the owner of the Red Sox, I’d like to invite you and your family to come to a Sox game. Throw out the first pitch. Maybe play third base for an inning.” Werner continued, “We’ll officially make it ‘Captain Richard Phillips Day’ at Fenway. And I want you to be my personal guest because you, Captain Phillips, are a true American hero.”


Captain Phillips was rescued on Easter Sunday when Navy Seal snipers killed the Somali pirates holding him hostage. The Captain met his wife Andrea at Fenway Park. They were married in 1987.

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