To boo or not?

We all know Mark Teixeira makes his debut at Fenway Park today. The question is: What are Red Sox fans going to do when Teixeira comes to the plate?

I wanted to share one reader’s opinion, and ask yours.


I just read something that said Texiera is expecting brutal treatment from fans (booing and whatnot, I’m sure). However, I think that will just stroke his ego. I say we organize all of the fans to give him the “silent treatment.” Rather than boo, when he is either introduced or comes up to bat, Fenway goes silent and, even better, everyone turns their back. I think it would freak him out a bit – wouldn’t it be weird if Fenway were quiet when he was introduced? My fiance gives me the silent treatment sometimes and it is WAY worse than if she booed me (so to speak). Help get the word out – tomorrow night, we don’t hate Texiera because we don’t even care who he is!

– Nathan

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