Remy: ‘Hopefully it’ll be a short time’

Jerry Remy, the popular Red Sox television commentator and former second baseman, is absent for his fourth straight game today after returning home with an illness before the start of the club’s series in Tampa Bay.

Naturally, there’s been much concern among the fandom regarding Remy’s condition and the extent of his ailment, particularly since the same symptoms kept him away from the beginning of spring training.

Remy addressed his status to a degree this afternoon with a series of updates on his Twitter feed,

Hi everyone [it’s] Jerry. Thx for . . . your concern. In February, I had a case of pneumonia and a bad infection followed . . .

I went off to Spring Training without ever having a chance to completely recuperate. I am paying the price now . . .

I’ve decided to take some time off to fully recover. Hopefully it’ll be a short time. I miss doing the games! Thanks again, Jerry.

Almost forgot . . . Go Sox. Jerry.

Remy did not indicate how long he expects to be away from the broadcast booth. Earlier reports were that he might return for Wednesday’s game against the Indians at Fenway Park, but that remains uncertain.


Remy’s Twitter status is often updated by his friend and business partner, John O’Rourke, but O’Rourke wrote last night that Remy himself would check in today.

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