Farrell: Those things aren’t forgotten

A few of Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell’s notable comments during his interview on sports radio WEEI’s “Dale and Holley Show” this afternoon.

On Joba Chamberlain hitting Jason Bay with a pitch last night, and whether Farrell feels the need to discuss “the game situation” with his pitcher when retaliation might be in order.

Farrell: “Well, typically, we let the game play out itself, because I think our guys, for one, have each others’ backs and they’re certainly going to be supportive if a situation like that were to arise. Again, speaking specifically about last night, [Chamberlain] strikes out 12 guys, doesn’t seem to have too many command issues, and if there was a purpose or intent to throw up and in, or if the intent was even further than that, to send a clear-cut message, you can disguise it a little bit more than with a first-pitch pitch in the middle of the back to Jason Bay. So, those things aren’t forgotten. We know that there’s a history there between the pitcher in New York and our guys here, so, not to say that he was specifically out to do that, but I think history speaks for itself. And we’ve got a number of games left with these guys.”


On Josh Beckett’s inconsistent start to the season:

Farrell: “Without a doubt, it has been the consistency, of the lack of consistency, of him pitching in the bottom of the strike zone. He did a better job of that last night, much like he did on Opening Day against Tampa, but in between there have been some fastballs that have been elevated. That’s where the extra-base hits have come, that where a couple of the home runs have come from, such as the case last night to Johnny Damon. But when he’s down in the bottom of the strike zone, because he does throw strikes and hitters around the league know that he’s going to be around the plate regardless if it’s 93 to 96 [miles per hour], but he’s still got to locate in the bottom of the zone, which he did a better job of last night.”

On whether Jon Lester’s up-and-down start to the season is related to his large jump in innings from 2007 to 2008:

Farrell: “Oh, I don’t think there’s an attribute to the innings of last year at all. I think if you were to evaluate the individual pitches that he has, both in terms of velocity compared to a year ago and action compared to a year ago, I think you’ll see a very similar starting pitcher for us. There have been some games, specifically his first two starts of the season, where his pitch location and pitch execution were not as consistent as he has been over the last four games. . . . {He has been very similar to the pitcher] he was a year ago at [this] time. Now, that’s not justifiable with what he’s currently doing, at 2-2, among the league leaders in strikeouts, and he’s certainly one of the leaders on our staff. We’re very cognizant of the amount of innings that he threw last year, the increase over 2007, but we feel very confident that the path that Jon is on right now and the consistency that he is going to provide for us, he will be a leader on our staff going forward.”

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