Hitting the spot

ANAHEIM, Calif. — David Ortiz couldn’t argue with the RBI, he just would rather not have collected it after being hit by a pitch. Especially after being hit by a pitch in the exact same location on his left wrist where he was injured last season.

“I’m all right,” Ortiz said. “A little sore, but it’s OK.”

He said he expected to be in the lineup for tonight’s game against the Angels. He said it felt fine about 15 minutes after last night’s game.

“Sometimes you wake up sore, but hopefully not,” said Ortiz, who extended his homerless streak to 133 at bats last night. “I’ll be ready to go to hit again. I wasn’t ready to get hit again.”


After the game, Ortiz had a pack of ice wrapped all the way around his left wrist. He lamented the odd coincidence that he was hit in the exact spot that had given him trouble for the second half of last season. That was certainly his first thought after it happened.

“You think about it,” Ortiz. “After a little while I was feeling a little bit of tingling, but after a little while it was fine.”

Except it was even more aggravated than that. Ortiz normally wears a wristband just under his left wrist, where it is supposed to serve as a bit of protection. But yesterday, for some reason, he decided to move the wristband slightly down his arm. Bad move.

“That’s bad luck,” he said.

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