Lawsuit may be part of Ramirez’s explanation

Save for an apology to his teammates, Manny Ramirez has been absent from the Dodgers’ facilities since he was suspended 50-games for using a banned substance.

But according to a report in the Los Angeles Times today, Ramirez, who is at his home in Florida, and his advisers are already laying the groundwork regarding how he will handle questions upon his return — and those plans may include a lawsuit against the doctor who prescribed the drug.

Wrote the Times’s Dylan Hernandez, citing sources familiar with the situation:

Ramirez’s plans as to how he will address questions pertaining to his suspension appear to be taking shape and will likely include an apology but no details about the events that led to the suspension.

One source told the Times that the Dodgers outfielder might cite legal reasons for not talking about the matter, including the possibility of suing the doctor who prescribed him HCG, a female fertility drug that is on baseball’s list of banned substances.

The report notes that even if Ramirez sues the doctor, one significant question would linger:

Left unanswered would be why Ramirez had a testosterone level four times higher than that of an average male or how no trace of HCG was found in his system, as previously confirmed by sources with specific knowledge of his test results. (A prescription for HCG found in Ramirez’s medical records was the reason why he drew a 50-game ban.)


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