Francona sheds no tears for Metrodome

MINNEAPOLIS — The Red Sox are probably playing their final game at the Metrodome, barring a playoff meeting between the Red Sox and Twins. And with it Terry Francona says so long, farewell . . . and good riddance.

“I have a lot of respect for the Twins organization and the way they play the game, but I think this place stinks,” Francona said before today’s game. “There are balls hit in the roof, off speakers . . . it’s awful.”

Francona said he hoped the Twins lose their home-field advantage when they move into their new ballpark, Target Field, which is scheduled to open next season.


“I’m sure they’re more comfortable here because they spend more time here than any other team,” Francona said.

“Coming up the steps [from the dugout to the clubhouse] takes two years off your career,” said Francona, noting the clubhouse is on the fourth floor. “I feel like we’re in an office building and all of a sudden you step out and there’s a game to be played.”

Francona said he lost a ball in the roof in 1988 while playing left field for the Indians, hurting the Tribe and pitcher Greg Swindell, who was pitching a good game.
In other news:

  • Francona said Rocco Baldelli has been sore. The Red Sox are still feeling their way around Baldelli’s channelopathy condition, which causes muscle fatigue. “He’s tender,” said Francona regarding the hamstring soreness that Baldelli has been fighting. The Sox didn’t play Baldelli last night because Francona wasn’t sure the outfielder could play the whole game. He’ll likely get to play again in Toronto, where there are two lefthanded pitchers going.
  • Shortstop Jed Lowrie spent the pregame throwing a weighted green ball around with trainer Paul Lessard as a wrist-strengthening exercise.

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