Red Sox-Twins: Updates

(3:30, top seventh, 3-1 Red Sox)
Fireworks here in the seventh. In a span of about 10 minutes the catchers and managers of both teams have been thrown out of the game. In the bottom of the 7th, Jason Varitek turned around and argued a called ball on a pitch by Josh Beckett that seemed to be right down the middle of the plate. Varitek, who has hit two homers in the game, was ejected by home plate umpire Todd Tichenor. Francona came out to defend his catcher and at one point mouthed the words “What the (bleep) is the matter with you?” He was run as well. In the top of the inning, both catcher Mike Redmond and manager Ron Gardenhire were ejected arguing a call at the plate by Tichenor in which Jeff Bailey slid and appeared to get a hand on the plate and beating the throw. The replays we saw here in the press box were pretty inconclusive as we never saw Bailey’s hand touch the plate. Redmond went ballistic and was tossed. DH Joe Mauer had to come into catch. Gardenhire then argued the call and was also tossed. Earlier in the inning, Varitek, who doesn’t talk about his hitting, struck for his second homer of the game, 10th of the year against Swarzak giving the Sox a one-run lead. Swarzak is now out of the game in the 7th after throwing 102 pitches allowing two runs on five hits. Jeff Bailey reached base after varitek’s homer with a bloop double to right, that fell in between the shortstop and right-fielder. Julio Lugo made two attempts to move the runner to third, but couldn’t do it, fouling off both bunts. But he got Bailey to third on a line drive to right field.

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