Animal Planet; it’s 1-1 after 2

There’s been a squirrel on the field for quite a while. He seems to have pretty good range.
Dice-K just threw his first wild pitch of the night — that’s five in two starts, but the night is young.

The squirrel just moved to the warning track behind J.D. Drew. I think they hunt those in Georgia.

Dice-K just fanned Clete Thomas to end the inning (45 pitches) and groundskeepers came out to chase the critter. Little Rocky beat feet and went up the right field scoreboard. Then on to center with four guys chasing him. They herded him into the Sox bullpen, then he climbed the wall and went into some bushes.


Meanwhile, it’s 1-1 after two.


David Ortiz just singled to left with one out in the second. I think I heard him yell, “Take that, Gerry Callahan,” as he reached first base.
The Sox loaded the bases on back-to-back singles by Ortiz and Jason Varitek, then an error by Rick Porcello on a chopper in front of the mound by Jacoby Ellsbury. Tough call on Ellsbury. It should have been scored a hit.
Nick Green popped to first and Dustin Pedroia grounded to second to kill the rally.
So it’s 1-1 after one and a half.
And I continue to blog.
In fact, blogging is my life.


Underwhelming start for Daisuke Matsuzaka. He walked leadoff man Clete Thomas on five pitches, then surrendered a single to Placido Polanco.
Matsuzaka went to 2-0 on Magglio Ordonez, but induced a double play grounder back to the mound. Good turn by Pedroia.
Dice-K threw a 55-footer (outside) that Varitek blocked to keep Thomas at third. But then Miguel Cabrera made it 1-1 with a single to left on a full count.
With Cabrera at first, with Kevin Youkilis holding, we have more than 700 points of batting average on the bag.
Curtis Granderson just singled to right on the 21st pitch of the inning. Brandon Inge fanned to finish a 25-pitch inning for the Dice Man.


The Stanley Cup final game starts more than an hour later than this game, but I’m betting the Red Wings finish first.


Hello blog boys and blog girls. It is 63 degrees at gametime and the stands
at Comerica are still pretty empty.

Good moment in the Tigers manager’s office pregame. Jim Leyland’s cellphone
went off and the ringtone was “Brown Eyed Girl.” Leyland looked at a Boston
reporter and said, “I wanted to put ‘Sweet Caroline’ on there for you.”’

Leyland’s family lives in Pittsburgh and his wife is at the Penguins-Red
Wings game tonight. He said tickets went for $275 a pop. His two children
are scheduled to attend Thursday’s Game 4 in Pittsburgh.

Entering tonight’s game, the Tigers have a better winning percentage (by 2 points) than the Red Sox.

Pedroia just ripped the second pitch of the game down the left field
line for a double. Pedroia scored on a single to center by J. D. Drew and
the Sox lead, 1-0.

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