A Lion in Tigers’ den

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford, the top pick in the nation, visited with the Red Sox during batting practice. Stafford is working out with the Lions and said he worked out with Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis at API in Scottsdale during the offseason. Pedroia remembered Stafford, greeting the QB with, “He’s the only No. 1 draft pick who never lifted a weight.” Stafford grew up in Texas and recalled visiting Boston as an eighth-grader when he was an aspiring journalist. His group listened to featured speakers named Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy (pretty sure he said it was the highlight of his life). He went on to become a speech communications major at Georgia, but got out of the sportswriitng biz. Good move. He’s making something like $78 million as the top pick.


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