Sox diligent in shortstop search

The Red Sox have left no stone unturned in looking at or discussing deals for shortstops. Whether they actually pull the trigger on something is up for debate internally as the team patiently awaits the return of Jed Lowrie, who has a great chance to fend off this shortstop talk if he’d accelerate his return to the Sox lineup. Among those on the list: Omar Vizquel, Jack Wilson, J.J. Hardy, Orlando Cabrera, Bobby Crosby, Jason Donald, Miguel Tejada. The Sox have also discussed a shortstop with the Atlanta Braves. After watching Vizquel, 42, this weekend, it’s obvious he can still play. It appears the Sox will have to make a tough decision on Julio Lugo on whether to eat the contract when Lowrie is finally ready. The Mets revealed that Jose Reyes has a hamstring injury, which means Alex Cora starts at shortstop for the Mets for a while. Do I spot a need for Lugo?


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