It’s come undone

PHILADELPHIA – The Phillies scored six runs in the 7th mostly off Daniel Bard as the Sox starting rotation and bullpen had a rare lapse this afternoon . After Beckett allowed a leadoff homer to Jimmy Rollins and a single to Shane Victorino, he was out of the game.

Bard didn’t fair too well. While he was throwing 98 mph, the Phillies had no problem catching up to it. A throwing error by Julio Lugo didn’t help matters, but well-struck doubles by Jayson Werth and Pedro Feliz have done some damage.

Bard came out after Chris Coste walked to load the bases.


Takashi Saito hit Rollins on his No. 11 to force in the 10th Phillies run. Rollins seemed to take offense to Saito hitting him, but Saito certainly wasn’t trying to force in a run. Saito couldn’t find the plate, however, throwing eight straight balls, incluing a bases-loaded walk to Victorino before going 3-0 to Utley only to strike him out to end the inning.

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