Report: Yankees to watch Pedro throw

According to a report by FoxSports’ Ken Rosenthal, free-agent pitcher and Red Sox icon Pedro Martinez will throw for four teams tomorrow.

But only one of those teams did he once refer to as his daddy.

Yes, the Yankees are one of the clubs — along with the Angels, Cubs, and Rays — who will give the 37-year-old righthander a look during a workout in the Dominican Republic, according to Rosenthal’s sources.

So will there be pinstripes for Pedro? Rosenthal writes that it seems unlikely, noting that interest even among the teams looking at the three-time Cy Young Award winner — who owns a 214-99 career record and a 2.91 ERA in 17 seasons — is apparently lukewarm.

Each of those teams is downplaying its interest in signing Martinez, at least to a major-league contract.

One executive said his club is sending scouts to watch Martinez only as a courtesy to the pitcher’s agent, Fernando Cuza.

Most teams currently have scouts in the Dominican checking on amateur talent, and some of those scouts are in a convenient position to look at Martinez.

Martinez . . . is seeking about $3 million — a pro-rated portion of his original $5 million request — to pitch the rest of the season, one source said.

The interest in Martinez almost certainly would rise if he were willing to sign a minor-league contract. But he has strongly indicated that he will not lower his price.


Nonetheless, it would add an intriguing twist to the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry if Martinez signed with New York. The pitcher developed a contentious history with the Yankees during his seven seasons with the Red Sox (1998-2004).

Some highlights and lowlights:

  • Martinez dominated the Yankees in the early seasons of his Red Sox career — in September 1999, he pitched a spectacular one-hitter, striking out 17, at Yankee Stadium — but the patient Yankees partially solved him by driving up his pitch counts in subsequent years.
  • Once, when asked about the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, he memorably responded, “I’m starting to hate talking about the Yankees. . . . I don’t believe in damn curses. Wake up the damn Bambino and have me face him. Maybe I’ll drill him in the —, pardon me the word.”
  • In 2003, Martinez and the Red Sox fell to New York in excruciating fashion in the American League Championship Series, a series in which Martinez was charged by Yankees coach Don Zimmer during a brawl.
  • After a particularly frustrating loss to the Yankees in the 2004 season — less than a year after said with resignation, “They beat me. They’re that good right now. They’re that hot. I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy.”
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