Status quo at Fenway

Rain is still falling steadily here at Fenway. The tarp is on the field and the gates have been opened. The Sox have the concessions open and people are partaking which is always music to the team’s ears in these rain situations. Brad Penny and Josh Beckett are playing catch in the rain.

The Sox clubhouse has been relatively quiet. Sox general manager Theo Epstein was in behind closed doors speaking to Terry Francona for a while this afternoon, likely updating him on whatever scenarios the team is discussing either on the trade front or on John Smoltz, who rejoined the team today and will keep busy with side sessions until his June 25th start against the Washington Nationals. Francona is still bristling when reporters bring up a “six-man rotation” giving it the old “we’re getting ahead of ourselves” line we often hear from him.


Smoltz will likely be kept in the 90-pitch range when he does make his first start.

We’ll keep you updated.

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