An outsider’s take on Sox fans

Take pride, Red Sox fans. Once again, you proved you travel remarkably well, essentially turning the Washington Nationals’ ballpark into your home away from Fenway last night.

Dan Steinberg, who writes the witty D.C. Sports Bog blog for The Washington Post, estimated that 75 percent of the attendees at Boston’s 11-3 victory last night were rooting for the road team.

Steinberg also noted that the influx of Sox fans offered a glimpse at how enjoyable a night at the ballpark might be if the Nationals ever became competitive:

It felt like baseball mattered, and it was cool, and it’ll be like that all the time when/if this team gets good.

While tipping his cap to Sox fans for their passion for their team, Steinberg also provided a comical — and rather accurate — outsider’s perspective on what Sox fans are generally like:

Well, I can tell you that they really believe loafers, no socks and khakis is the ideal way to watch baseball. They believe, almost without exception, that baseball hats should be worn backwards. They believe that no t-shirt is possibly so hilarious that putting it on a green background won’t make it even more hilarious. And they believe that such t-shirts are especially great if they make allusions to drinking, Boston accents and (mostly for ladies) the hotness of Red Sox players.


Steinberg also provides a fun photo gallery from the game, suggesting that perhaps Sox and Nats fans aren’t so different after all.

Check it all out if you don’t mind a chuckle at your own expense.

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