Globe 10.0: What if the Yankees go after Halladay?

When Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi said he would listen to offers for ace Roy Halladay, it left Sox fans buzzing at the possibility of the All-Star righthander coming to Boston. After all, the Red Sox appear to be one of the few teams with the prospects and money to get it done.

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So will they get involved? Tony Massarotti reported last night that the Jays don’t expect the Red Sox to make a serious run at Halladay, and Globe pundits Dan Shaughnessy, Bob Ryan, and Mazz agree that Theo Epstein would be extremely hesitant to pay the exorbitant price in prospects that it’s going to take to pry Halladay.


“Let’s slow down on the Halladay stuff,” warned Massarotti in a chat this afternoon. “The Jays will want a king’s ransom for him and Theo has given no indication (ever) that he is willing to move a package of top prospects for an elite veteran. Look it up. The Red Sox LOVE their kids.”

But in today’s episode of Globe 10.0 (now on Facebook), columnists Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy speculated that there was one thing that might bring the Red Sox into the hunt: keeping him away from the Yankees. While it’s exciting to think about Halladay in the Red Sox rotation, conversely, it’s scary to envision him in pinstripes.

“The Yankee threat is the thing that’s very real here,” Shaughnessy says in the Globe 10.0 clip embedded above. “It’s the only reason for the Sox to get involved, to block the Yankees on this deal.

“If Roy Halladay goes to the Yankees, it alters the balance of power in the American League, perhaps to the point where the Yankees go to the World Series instead of the Red Sox. That’s what this is about.”

What do you think? Are you worried about Halladay going to the Yankees? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this blog entry.

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