Sox scouting Jays-Indians

The Red Sox are among four teams scouting the Jays-Indians series in Toronto.

The Sox have one of their top pro scouts on hand while the Dodgers and Phillies have two each and the Milwaukee Brewers are also represented. All four teams have some level of interest in Roy Halladay, who will pitch later this week against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Red Sox have seen their starting pitching depth thin out quite a bit with Tim Wakefield going on the disabled list with a back strain while John Smoltz and Brad Penny haven’t pitched at a high level.


While Halladay remains the prize, teams are also probing into the availability of last year’s AL Cy Young winner Cllff Lee, who could be a less expensive alternative if the Indians are willing to make him available. Both teams also have hitters who will be available in trade from Vernon Wells, Alex Rios, Scott Rolen, Lyle Overbay to Victor Martinez, Jhonny Peralta and Travis Hafner.

The Sox certainly have an interest in Martinez.

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