LaRoche reaction

Thoughts from Adam LaRoche, his brother, and others on his trade to Boston:

Adam LaRoche
“I’m excited to go to a great organization in a great baseball city and jump into a pennant race. I’m very thankful for the opportunity. It’s just a little tough for me right now because my little brother is here in Pittsburgh and it’s been a dream come true playing with him. It’s tough to leave him behind and a lot of other guys who have become really close friends. So, it’s mixed emotions, a lot of sadness and a lot of excitement all at the same time. On the whole, though, I know it’s a good move for me.”


Andy LaRoche
“It’s been a blast playing together with him, but how can I be upset? It’s a great deal for him. He’s going to what has to be the best organization in baseball. He’s got a great chance to not only get to the postseason but win a World Series. I just hope he gives me some of that money he makes from his post-season share.”

Pirates GM Neal Huntington
“I think he’s an ideal fit for their club, for what they’re looking for, and especially that ballpark. With the wall in left field so close, he’s going to stay on the ball longer and hit a lot of balls of the Green Monster. He has the perfect left-handed stroke for Fenway Park.”

Jason Bay, who played LaRoche in Pittsburgh
“His personality, he never has a huge sense of urgency in anything. That’s the kind of a guy he is. He’s been a good first baseman. It’s been noted he gets off to some slow starts, so we’re kind of picking him up on the upswing. He’s got some pop in his bat. He plays a smooth first base.”


Nick Green, who played with LaRoche in Atlanta
“We came up in the minor leagues together. He’s a laid-back kind of guy. He ain’t going to be in a hurry to do a whole lot. On the other hand, he’s not dogging it. He’s going to give you 100 percent.”

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