Francona ‘disappointed’ by Matsuzaka’s ‘unfortunate’ comments

Red Sox manager Terry Francona said this afternoon he was “disappointed” in Daisuke Matsuzaka for comments he made in a Japanese media report brought to light this morning.

“We had made huge strides [in communicating] during our meetings,” said Francona. “So to hear him say that — to have him air it out publicly — I’m disappointed.”

Francona said that he had talked to Matsuzaka within the last two days and thought he and the pitcher had left the meeting with an agreement to follow the team’s regimen. Matsuzaka’s statements, made after the meeting, imply that he wants to be able to work his shoulder back into shape on his own training schedule.


“For $102 million, if [Red Sox owner John Henry] came down and asked, ‘What’s going on?’ and we said, ‘We’re letting [Daisuke] do it his own way,’ he probably wouldn’t like that very much,” said Francona.

“I know there’s frustration, but it’s unfortunate for [Matsuzaka] to say that,” Francona said. “I thought everybody was on board with what we were doing.”

Francona said that the disappointment stems mostly from the fact that communication between Matsuzaka and the organization had seemingly strengthened recently. In the past, the Red Sox manager has said that the lines of communication are often muddled because meetings with the pitcher last twice as long due to the amount of time it takes to translate Matsuzaka’s thoughts.

“I thought we’d opened the lines of communication better. I even had him put in writing some of the things he had to say to make things clearer,” said Francona. “We’ve had a lot of meetings. There have been some cultural differences. There were a lot of things that could cause him anxiety. I didn’t want to be one of those things.”

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