Halladay, Martinez, or Gonzalez?

Roy Halladay, Victor Martinez, or Adrian Gonzalez? The Red Sox have a need for all of them and are still pursuing them.

With Cliff Lee gone to the Philadelphia Phillies in a package the Red Sox did not want to match, they have continued talks with the Indians concerning Martinez, a player they need on two fronts. Jason Varitek, for one, is really beat up with assorted bumps and bruises and multiple injuries. Now the injuries aren’t anything he can’t play through, according to one Red Sox source, but having another catcher wouldn’t be the worst thing. The Sox have definitely been looking. Martinez isn’t much of a catcher, but he is a great hitter and a top guy to have in a clubhouse. For those reasons, the Red Sox have continued to pursue a deal with the Indians, even after their talks on Lee broke down.


As for Halladay, the door is wide open now for the Red Sox to swoop in and get a deal done. J.P. Ricciardi indicated today that no team is stepping forward with remotely close to what he wants. Many names have been discussed. By all accounts, according to one team source, Daniel Bard, remains the one untouchable while there’s been a reluctance to deal Rhode Islander Ryan Westmoreland, but according to another source “Nobody believes he would be a deal breaker.”

With the Sox, Dodgers and Angels, still in, there’s the likelihood the Yankees will become more interested in Halladay. Also, if the Red Sox did deal for Halladay, the physical would be a huge part of the deal being completed. The Red Sox, and other teams, would want to know exactly what’s in that shoulder.

Gonzalez would be a perfect fit for the Red Sox, wants to come to Boston and doesn’t want to keep losing in San Diego even though he’s from there. His comments at the All-Star break were telling. Asked about Fenway Park he said, ‘I’ve never been but I’m told I would love it there.” Padres GM Kevin Towers refused comment on whether the Sox and Padres are talking. But you can bet the house, they are.

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