Matsuzaka: ‘I want to correct some misunderstandings’

Two days after Daisuke Matsuzaka created a controversy when comments attributed to him seemed to be critical of how the Red Sox were changing the training routine he’s accustomed to, he issued a statement through the team, attempting to clarify.

Here’s a portion of Matsuzaka’s statement:

“As for the reports from the past several days, I want to correct some misunderstandings. I did not go public with any complaints and I regret that some of my private conversations were made public without my knowledge or consent.

“Also, I never said in public or in private conversation that: ‘If I’m forced to train in this environment, I may no longer be able to pitch like I did in Japan.’


“I had no intention of criticizing the team and we are, in fact, working together to communicate, to exchange ideas, and to try to understand one another’s baseball culture as we move forward.

“The team and I have had many meetings and conversations, and after shaking hands with the general manager, manager, and coaches on [July] 24th, I was able to resume my training in a good state of mind.

“My goal is to put myself into a position where I can contribute to this team. I look forward to rejoining my teammates and playing in front of the fans at Fenway Park.”

Matsuzaka has been on the disabled list since June 21. He’s spent most of the time rehabbing in Fort Myers, but visited Fenway last Friday to throw.

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