Injury still affecting Wakefield

With the starting rotation in an uncertain state beyond Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, 11-game-winner Tim Wakefield’s return from the disabled list was anticipated as a possible solution.

Turns out the Red Sox may be waiting a while longer for the All-Star knuckleballer to take the mound.

According to a report in the Boston Herald this morning, Wakefield who has been on the disabled list since July 21, may have a second cortisone shot in his back to help alleviate a sciatic nerve problem that is now affecting his left calf.

After landing on the disabled list roughly two weeks ago with a strained lower back, Wakefield received his first cortisone shot in the area to ease the pain. But he soon suffered the effects of sciatica, which according to the report left Wakefield “barely able to walk on the team’s recent trip to Texas.”


Wakefield, who turned 43 yesterday, holds out hope he’ll be able to throw off a mound later this week, but he admitted to the Herald’s John Tomase that he is becoming frustrated.

“I’m just depressed that this isn’t progressing the way I want it to progress,” Wakefield said. “I’m throwing, playing catch. There are different symptoms now. I’ve got zero strength in my left calf due to the nerve. I’m just waiting for it to get better.”

Wakefield said trainers told him a person typically requires 6-8 weeks to recover from sciatica, but he’s hoping that slight improvement in his left calf — which is not the leg he pushes off from during his deliver — will allow him to return to the mound soon.

“I don’t even know where this came from,” Wakefield told the Herald. “I woke up with a little pain, and the next thing I know I can’t walk down the street. When you saw me limping around in Texas, it was my hamstring killing me. I couldn’t walk more than 20 feet without it bothering me. That slowly subsided, and now it’s gone down to my calf and the back of my knee. When I walk, my left foot goes back, but I can’t push off.”

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