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Jed Lowrie, whom the Red Sox placed on the 15-day disabled list today (ulnar neuritis in his left wrist), will fly to Phoenix to visit with Dr. Donald Sheridan, the specialist who performed surgery on Lowrie’s left wrist earlier this season, in an attempt to gather more information on the body part that has derailed Lowrie’s season.

“I don’t think Jed felt he needed to,” manager Terry Francona said. “I was kind of adamant that, ‘OK, if this is bothering you, let’s find out why.’ If we’re going to put him on the DL, let’s find the time to good use and come up with some answers. If it isn’t serious, then if there’s some pain or some discomfort, he can play not worrying he’s going to hurt something.”


Meanwhile, Jason Bay was confident that he’ll return at least “in the next couple days” and he will not need to spend time on the disabled list. Bay has been cautious because he felt fine to play Wednesday in Tampa, but he then re-injured his hamstring, anyway.

After running in outfield this afternoon, Bay remained uncertain about his status for Sunday night’s game but did feel his hamstring is making rapid progress.

“I tested it as much as I could, and it’s responded well,” Bay said. “I think when we get to the point that I feel good, maybe one more day just to be sure. Whether that’s tomorrow of the next day, I can’t tell you. I felt great yesterday from the day before, and today’s no different. I feel good enough to start pushing it.’ ”

One thing Bay won’t do: push the injury in order to return explicitly for this series.

“This series is really irrelevant” in terms of missing time, Bay said. “It doesn’t make me feel any better or worse that I’m missing the Yankees series because I hurt my hurt my hamstring. I take a lot of pride in just going out there everyday, and it sucks that I can’t be out there whether we’re playing Tampa, the Yankees or anybody else. It’s tough for me to sit on the bench. I don’t like to do it very much. Because of that, it’s frustrating. I don’t really want to put any more onus on it because it’s this series or anything like that.”


Also, the Red Sox still have not decided on a starter for Tuesday against the Detroit Tigers. Junichi Tazawa is still in play despite throwing 1 2/3 innings last night. For now, the rotation beginning tomorrow is Jon Lester, Brad Penny, Tuesday’s starter, Josh Beckett, and Clay Buchholz.

“Some of the decisions going forward are not just going to be based on performance,” Francona said. “It’s going to be based on how healthy, the bullpen, things like that. The one thing we won’t do today with Tazawa is pitch him. He’s been a starter, he pitched in the bullpen, he’s been a starter, he pitched in the bullpen last night, we’re not going to bring him back today.”

One last thing: If you want a perfect anecdote to sum up the state of the Red Sox, overworked traveling secretary Jack McCormick is sick.

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