What next?

After all of that, the Red Sox will show up and play again 14 hours from now. They will definitely be tired. They may also be devastated or galvanized or neither of those. Right now, at 2:20 a.m., the Sox’ 2-0, 15-inning loss feels like a season devastator. The Sox are running out of bodies. They’re 4 ½ games back and falling. David Ortiz is about answer questions about a positive drug test from 2003.

We may look back at this game and say, “Yup, that sums it up.” The 2009 Red Sox are not quitters, but they may come undone by circumstance and a jarring lack or production. Maybe, though, the Red Sox will forget the feelings from tonight, patch together a lineup, and make the game into hiccup, not a heart attack.


“The good thing about baseball is there’s always tomorrow,” starter Josh Beckett said. “We don’t get two days off in a row. There’s always tomorrow. You always have faith in that.”

One problem? Tomorrow’s starting pitchers are CC Sabathia and Clay Buchholz. And the Red Sox have no fresh relievers. Those are concerns. Morale, according to manager Terry Francona, is not.

“It wasn’t a very fun night the way it ended,” Francona said. That the lost may be deflating “doesn’t concern me. That part’s OK. We’re OK there. That’s not the concern. We’re OK there.”

Another reporter followed by asking if he really did not believe it felt like the Sox were unraveling.

“I hope not,” Francona said. “I don’t think so. Unless they did in the last three or four minutes. We were OK when we left the dugout.”

The Sox will return to that dugout soon. One thing, for better or for worse, is certain.

“Our season,” Jason Varitek said, “is not over.”

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