Globe 10.0: Would Wagner help the Sox bullpen?

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In this episode of Globe 10.0, Globe columnists Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy debate whether or not Billy Wagner would help the Red Sox in the bullpen.

According to a report by FoxSports’ Ken Rosenthal, Boston’s chances of acquiring Wagner, whom they claimed on waivers from the Mets on Friday, are in doubt after the team rejected Wagner’s two conditions for waiving his no-trade clause. Those conditions bring into question Wagner’s potential value in the Boston bullpen and just how far the Sox are going to go to bring in the former closer.


“He’s lefthanded, he can bring a lot to the table,” says Shaughnessy. “I say it’s great. He’s also reportedly a good character guy, a good guy to have around. Fans are going to like him. The team is going to like him.”

Wagner has a career 2.40 ERA and has accumulated 385 saves. But his velocity is down after Tommy John surgery.

“He’s a veteran, seasoned guy, and they do need a lefthander,” says Ryan, who thinks Wagner’s agent should drop his demands to get his client to Boston. “Billy Wagner, come on down.”

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