Final: Red Sox, 12-8

All done at Fenway. Red Sox, 12-8.

(Top 9, Boston 12-8)

Jonathan Papelbon will pitch the ninth. In his last appearance, Papelbon allowed three walks in 1 1/3 innings against Toronto.

(Bottom 7, Boston 11-7)

Jacoby Ellsbury drives in Alex Gonzalez with a triple to left. Strange move by Carlos Quentin to go into a feet-first slide, which allowed Ellsbury to motor to third.

(Bottom 7, Boston 10-7)

J.D. Drew gives the Sox some insurance with a solo shot into right field for his 16th home run. On a night like this, every run counts.

(Top 7, Boston 9-7)

Hideki Okajima gets his job done, forcing Jim Thome to fly out to center. Daniel Bard will take over. Bard will face Paul KOnerko with two outs and runners on first and second.


(Top 7, Boston 9-7)
After two walks in the top of the seventh (and a balk), Ramon Ramirez is out, with Hideki Okajima taking his spot to face Jim Thome. Not the best pitching for either team tonight.
(Bottom 6, Boston 9-7)
Bases loaded with two outs and David Ortiz at the plate. D.J. Carrasco is out, lefty Randy Williams is coming in.
(Top 6, Boston 9-7)
Red Sox go down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the fifth. First clean inning thrown by a Chicago pitcher tonight.
(Top 5, Boston 9-7)
Chicago is getting back into the game. Paul Konerko jerks a 2-1 fastball over the Wall for a three-run homer. Clay Buchholz will not get a chance to finish the fifth, as Ramon Ramirez is coming in. Disappointing start for Buchholz, who had a five-run cushion going into the fifth.
(Bottom 4, Boston 9-4)
Yet another grinding at-bat by Kevin Youkilis. On the 10th pitch, Youkilis drives in Jacoby Ellsbury with a single to center.
(Bottom 4, Boston 8-4)
Dustin Pedroia, buzzed by a 3-0 fastball inside, drives in Alex Gonzalez with a sacrifice fly. Jacoby Ellsbury is at third. Could he steal home?
(Bottom 3, Boston 7-4)
Unfortunately for the Red Sox, Jose Contreras is done for the night. Contreras’s final pitch was a 3-2 fastball that Mike Lowell cranked into Lansdowne Street for a three-run homer. D.J. Carrasco is now in for Chicago.
(Bottom 3, 4-4)
Jose Contreras on the hook again, as he throws a wild pitch to Mike Lowell, allowing Kevin Youkilis to score. Ugly inning.
(Bottom 3, Chicago 4-3)
Sox pull to within a run, as Jose Contreras walks Jason Bay with the bases loaded. Contreras has thrown 75 pitches.
(Bottom 3, Chicago 4-2)
Jose Contreras was about to escape a bases-loaded jam when David Ortiz hit a 3-0 tapper down the first-base line. But Contreras muffs the pickup and Alex Gonzalez thanks him for the error.
(Bottom 3, Chicago 4-1)
Two excellent swings by Jacoby Ellsbury tonight. Two warning-track outs. This time to center, after sending right fielder Jermaine Dye to the track in the first.
(Bottom 3, Chicago 4-1)
Pretty good rally by Clay Buchholz after giving up a two-run clout to Gordon Beckham in the third. Most impressive: the strikeout of Jim Thome. First, Buchholz dropped in a looping curve to make it a 1-2 count. Then, Buchholz got Thome to swing at a slider.
(Top 3, Chicago 4-1)
Gordon Beckham takes Clay Buchholz over the Wall for a two-run job. Not much life on Buchholz’s changeup on that pitch, and Beckham grooved it into the seats.
(Top 3, Chicago 2-1)
Red Sox on the board, as Jason Bay crosses home plate before J.D. Drew is tagged out to end the second. Bay, who was on third base (double, wild pitch), stepped on the plate before Drew (walk), attempting to steal second, was tagged out by Alexei Ramirez (2-4-3-6 caught stealing). Alex Gonzalez will start the bottom of the third at bat.
(Bottom 2, Chicago 2-0)
Two full-count walks (Paul Konerko, Carlos Quentin) hurt Clay Buchholz. A.J. Pierzynski drove in Konerko with a single to center. Quentin scored on a sacrifice fly, which backed up Jason Bay to the wall, by Alexei Ramirez.
(Top 2, 0-0)
Heck of a slide into third by Dustin Pedroia on the first pitch to Victor Martinez. The throw beat Pedroia, but the second baseman lifted his left arm over the tag and hooked the bag with his left leg.
(Bottom 1, 0-0)
Crisp 1-2-3 first inning (nine pitches) for Clay Buchholz — one fly to left and two groundouts.

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