Youk says he loves Boston fans

Kevin Youkilis is the latest Red Sox player to want to clarify his own remarks.

Youkilis said this afternoon that he wanted to set the record straight after he heard some people interpret his comments to Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy as being angry at the fans and not enjoying playing in Boston.

“I’ve heard from a couple of people around here that I’m angry at the fans,” Youkilis said. “Couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve also been told I don’t like playing here. That’s way far from the truth. I’ve always said how much I love playing here. Greatest time for me is 7 o’clock to the last pitch. There’s nothing better than playing baseball here at Fenway Park.The greatest part of my day is coming here and being with all the great fans.”


Youkilis, who also spoke of his frustration with the media in his original comments, mentioned the negativity of some fans in Shaughnessy’s column, but also added, “I don’t want people to think I don’t love the fans and that I don’t love the city.”

Youkilis elaborated on that statement today.

“The biggest things about the fans, the negative part, was there’s just comments from selected fans once in a while which are not directed toward me but toward my teammates,” Youkilis said. “I feel like I have to stick up for some guys and maybe its not my platform to do that. Sometimes you get frustrated because you see teammates really going out there and working hard. Sometimes they’re not producing like they’d like to, but they’re putting forth the effort and it s not because they’re not trying, but they’re just not having success.”

He also said he was bothered by people thinking he was selfish after he charged Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello after getting hit by a pitch August 11. Youkilis was suspended for five games, and the Sox struggled in his absence, winning just twice and losing two of three to fellow playoff contender Texas.


“The one thing I heard was that I was being selfish toward the team,” Youkilis said. “It was at the time a situation where emotions get the best of me and they’ll get the best of me again. We all make mistakes. We’re all human. Everyone in this room makes mistakes at one time or another.

“Everyone keeps saying to me ‘do you regret it?’ Well yeah, I regret it because of the kids and I don’t want them seeing that. It’s not the right way to do things. Its one of those things where you make a mistake in life and you move on. You can’t dwell on it, you can’t change it but you can improve on that in the future.”

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