Carter claimed

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — Remember Adam Stern?

The outfielder was dealt to the Orioles as the player to be named later in the deal for catcher Javy Lopez. But on his way through waivers he was claimed by Tampa Bay (reportedly in retaliation for the Sox making contact with Julio Lugo when he still played for the Rays).

Well, the same situation has happened again. Chris Carter, who was a player to be named later in the Billy Wagner deal, was claimed by the Yankees. He was pulled back by the Sox and will head to the Mets in the offseason, though it may cost him some time in the majors with New York this season.


Carter hadn’t played since having one at bat Sunday, and even coached first base yesterday, but he will be available to pinch hit tonight.

Carter relayed this story earlier about Omar Minaya, who was then the general manager of the Expos, from when Carter was in college at Stanford.

“I remember Omar Minaya met my dad in college,” Carter said. “He was scouting Carlos Quentin at Stanford. He saw me hitting batting practice. It was kind of a tough time, I was coming off surgery and my mom was battling cancer. I wasn’t playing either. Omar Minaya came up to my dad, scout introduced him, and said, ‘Hey this is Chris Carter’s dad. You were asking about him,’

“He said, hey, your son’s got a great swing. He’s gonna be a great player some day. It would be kind of, I don’t know if cool’s the right word. It was very nice. It was a good time to say something positive and it really helped, really resonated.”

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