Watson looking into Angels’ comments

Statements made by manager Mike Scioscia and the Angels are currently being reviewed by Bob Watson and the commissioner’s office as they attempt to determine whether the comments went too far.

Major League Baseball spokesman Pat Courtney said that Watson is looking at the umpire reports from the game, along with the comments made to the media, as was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s Bob’s decision, in terms of what he feels crosses the line,” Courtney said.

The likely outcome would be a fine for Scioscia, though a suspension could be possible. The Angels were extremely unhappy on two calls to Nick Green, both of which went the Red Sox’ way, in the view of the Angels. Green checked his swing on a pitch from Brian Fuentes, on which the Angels felt he went around.


The more eggregious call came on the last pitch to Green, a ball called low, though it appeared to be just on the low end of the strike zone. Green walked in the tying run on that pitch.

“What was the count at the end?” Scioscia said, after Wednesday night’s game. “Three-and-four to Green?”

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