Center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury said he tweaked his groin stealing second base in the first inning of the Sox’s 3-1 win over Baltimore on Friday night. Ellsbury was left stranded but manager Terry Francona noticed he was laboring a little and went out to center field to check on Ellsbury’s status.

He remained in the game and was in the lineup tonight against Baltimore’s David Hernandez.

“It’s sore and tight as I expected but I don’t think it will anything to keep me out of the lineup,” he said before the game. “I was kind of debating whether it was worth pushing through the game and I felt it was strong enough to do that. That’s one of those things where you don’t want to try to be the hero. You want to think for the better of the team but I think it will be fine.”


Ellsbury said he was stunned when he saw Francona coming to check on his injury.

“Any player doesn’t want to come off the field like that,” he said. “(Francona) has to check on his players. He wants to do what’s best for the team and make sure everybody’s healthy and ready to do. But you never want to have your manager come out there.”


Ellsbury, a former Oregon State University standout and Kevin Youkilis, who played at the University of Cincinnati, will make a friendly wager on tonight’s college football game between the two undefeated schools.

“We’ll have something on it,” Ellsbury said with a smile.

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