Blue Jays-Red Sox: Updates

(9:47, Game Over, Toronto 12, Boston 0)
Roy Halladay pitched a complete game 3-hit shutout, but we’re wondering if he’ll decline the victory based on a lack of competition? Just kidding. Halladay, who improved to 17-10, saw his ERA reduced to 2.79. The Red Sox, who have lost six straight, did not play a competitive team nor did they play a competitive game in what looked more like a March tilt in spring training. Even in spring training teams are required to use at least four or five regulars. The Sox started DH David Ortiz and shortstop Alex Gonzalez along with pitcher Tim Wakefield. There were 37, 246 at the ballpark, but a fraction were left at the end of the game.


(9:42, bottom of ninth, Toronto 12, Boston 0)
Clearly Dusty Brown’s finest moment as a major league player. He struck out Randy Ruiz to end the ninth. Brown has his first major league strikeout, but he’s yet to get his first major league hit.

(9:33, bottom 8th, Toronto 11, Red Sox 0)
“Sweet Caroline” couldn’t come soon enough. The Sox are batting in the bottom of the eighth. Roy Halladay is still pitching (what’s new?) and has allowed two hits. Halladay will win his 17th game and if he goes the distance it will be his 9th complete game. Halladay has thrown 88 pitches through eight innings. On the flip side, catcher Dusty Brown is coming into pitch for the Sox in the ninth.

(9:13, bottom seventh, Toronto 10, Red Sox 0)
Colleague John Powers makes a good point, are all the players appearing in this game for the Red Sox, not making the post-season roster (except David Ortiz?).

(9:06, top seventh, Toronto 10, Red Sox 0)
What’s happened to Manny Delcarmen? He allowed three hits, two runs in one inning. He’s allowed nine runs over his last six games.

(9:03, top seventh, Toronto 10, Red Sox 0)
Yes, it’s come to this: Rocco Baldelli has moved from right field to third base. It’s his first major league appearance at third or any infield position.


(8:57, bottom sixth, Toronto 10, Boston 0)
Joey Gathright has broken up Roy Halladay’s no-hit bid with one out in the sixth. Clearly, all we were watching was how long Halladay could go. This minor league Sox lineup, coupled with Halladay’s ability made this score and domination by Halladay fairly predictable.

(8:02, top fourth, Toronto 5, Boston 0) Wakefield is done after three. He allowed seven hits and five runs, two walks and two strikeouts,a hit batter and a wild pitch. He threw 76 pitches. As this point we don’t know whether he came out of the game because of back pain or ineffectiveness.

(7:54, bottom third, Toronto 5, Boston 0)Wakefield allowed a two run homer to Lyle Overbay in the third and followed that up with a solo shot to Randy Ruiz. Looks like the Jays really want to finish strong.

(7:41, bottom second, Toronto 2, Boston 0)Ok, the Sox are not off to a good start and could be looking at six straight losses square in the eye. Wakefield allowed two runs in the top of the second when Randy Ruiz (infield hit) and Travis Snider (single) were advanced on John McDonald’s sac bunt. The runs came in on Jose Bautista’s ground out and Aaron Hill’s single to left. As we typed, Halladay just nailed David Ortiz in the right elbow with a pitch. Umpire Mike DiMura just issued a warning to boith benches. Halladay was clearly retaliating for Jonathan Papelbon hitting Adam Lind in the ninth inning last night after Lind hit three homers. Lind is not in tonight’s lineup.


(7:24, top second, 0-0)
Tim Wakefield and Roy Halladay exchanged zeroes here in the first ining. Are we seeing Wakefield’s last game as a Red Sox? And are we seeing Halladay’s last game as a Blue Jay?

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