Red Sox relish postseason berth

Drenched from a celebratory soaking and sporting 2009 American League wild card champion hats, members of the Red Sox met with the media outside the team’s clubhouse early this morning, cherishing the team’s return to the postseason.

Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, Jason Bay, and Tim Wakefield took turns emerging from the clubhouse to share their thoughts on making the playoffs, which became official when the Texas Rangers lost to the Los Angeles Angels early this morning, a game that nearly the entire team stayed at Fenway for to watch on television. Despite Boston’s 8-7 loss to Baltimore last night, the Sox have clinched the wild card, and will play the first two games of the AL Division Series next week against the Angels in Anaheim, Calif.


Asked if it ever gets old, Wakefield said, “Never, never. There’s so much work that goes on, from the offseason, into spring training, with one goal in mind: To get to the postseason and win the World Series. It doesn’t matter how you get in, as long as you get in.”

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