Wakefield officially out for first round

The Red Sox are ready to announce their playoff rotation after today’s game, and manager Terry Francona already offered what he called an “obvious” piece of it: Tim Wakefield, an All-Star before a nerve injury in his back robbed him of his second half, will not be on the roster for the American League Division Series.

The Sox talked to Wakefield about “not shelving his season,” Francona said. They want him to be as healthy and as ready as possible should they reached the AL Championship Series.

“You can go one day where you feel good about your pitching, and then something happens,” Francona said. “Wake has that ability, whether it’s two weeks from now, to throw a pretty good game. And he’s on board with that, which we appreciate a lot. He’s not going to be in the first round, but that doesn’t mean that something couldn’t happen. We all understand where he’s at. It’s been very difficult for him phyiscally. But we didn’t want to just shut him down either, because he could still play a role. As crazy as this game is, we just want to keep our options open.”


Wakefield was not in the mood to talk about his postseason status this morning. Approached by a group of reporters and told of Francona’s announcement, Wakefield clapped once and said, “Great. I’ll be ready.”

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