Uneasy in Dodgertown

LOS ANGELES – This should be a fun time for the Dodgers, their players and their employees with the NLCS about to begin tonight against the Philadelphia Phillies. But the tenison here is pretty high.

Employees are very unsure about the future with news that owner Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie have split. This could cause major issues if the separation turns into divorce proceedings. We saw the Moores’ split up in San Diego and the decimation the divorce caused that franchise. McCourts lawyers told the LA Times that the San Diego scenario will not happen in LA because Frank McCourt is sole owner of the team. Whether that takes precedence over divorce law in which assets are split 50/50 will likely become the major issue. But again, there is NO divorce at this time so all of this might be premature.


The fact that Dr. Charles Steinberg is reportedly seeking other opportunities is likely a sign that working for the Dodgers right now isn’t very fun. Steinberg is said to be aligned with Jamie McCourt. Steinberg was seen in New York with Larry Lucchino late in the regular season, a sign that Steinberg might be eyeing a return to the Red Sox. The Yankees might also have interest in the marketing/ public affairs whiz.

“Nobody has any idea what’s going to happen,” said one Dodger official. “You’re like walking on egg shells waiting for the next thing.”

Manager Joe Torre has said next season will likely be his last and then responded to comments made by ESPN’s Peter Gammons that Torre has had to deal with a very difficult situation with ownership. Torre tried to downplay what ever that was, before the story came out last night, but now we know what.

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