Phillies take early lead in Game 2

There was a lot going on before the game. Derek Jeter was named the winner of MLB’s Roberto Clemente Award for community service. Bud Selig was there and reporters asked him about instant replay.

“I think my position has been clear. This is a game of pace. We’ve worried a lot about that. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people about it,” he said.

“I understand we had some incidents that were most unfortunate. They were controversial and beyond controversial. There’s no sense in hiding that or would I. I don’t miss a pitch and I understand all these things. I think there are other ways we can make corrections. During the offseason we’ll deal with all these things.


“I don’t want to take it lightly. I take it very, very — more seriously than anybody you know. But there will be a time and place to think about all this. I don’t think anybody has engineered more change over the last 17 years than I have. I’m not afraid of change. But you have to be very careful when you tamper with this sport.”

On the field, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed Empire State of Mind. Their stage left tire tracks in the outfield. Players from both teams were on the dugout railings for the song.

The Phillies said Greg Dobbs, a bench guy, went back to Philadelphia because of the flu. So they’re a man short.

As for the game …

Pedro Martinez is not quite vintage Pedro as he has thrown 43 pitches through two innings. But he leads 1-0 thanks to an RBI single by Matt Stairs off A.J. Burnett.

Pedro caught a break when last night’s DH, Raul Ibanez, made a diving catch in left field to take a double away from Robinson Cano with a runner on first.

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