Extra Bases

All you can do is wear it

Baseball sometimes has a language all its own. If something goes wrong, you’ll often hear a player say, “All you can do is wear it.”

Such is the case for Red Sox fans now that the Yankees have won their 27th championship. You can complain all you want, but all you can do in the end is wear it.

It’s not exactly a feel-good story anyway. The Yankees have an obscene payroll and built a stadium that caters mainly to the wealthy. A team that spent nearly half a billion in free agents last winter is not exactly the little train that could.

The Red Sox and then the Rays ruled the AL East and now the Yankees are back on top. I agree with Tony Mazz: A Yankees championship might serve as a little kick in the pants to the Red Sox.

Now the Hot Stove season is officially here. The General Manager Meetings, believe it or not, start Monday in Chicago. Extra Bases will be there and we’ll be live-blogging the whispers.

The Yankees are on top of the mountain. Now 29 other teams will start plotting how to knock them off.

UPDATE, 11;26 a.m.: It’s sad that some people can’t enjoy a sports without resorting to insults. But typical. If you feel that strongly about it, send an e-mail rather than clutter up this blog.

But be advised that even Brian Cashman said last night the Yankees are a product of their payroll and then defended it, saying they play by the rules. Which is entirely true.


The Yankees have several admirable players. But they rose from third place because they simply outspent everybody else on Burnett, Sabathia and Teixeira. It’s not complicated.

Again, they had every right to do that. But their payroll was $63 million than the next largest one — $79 million more than anybody else in the AL. The difference was they spent wisely this time after years of bad investments.

Good for the Steinbrenners for being so willing to spend and good for Cashman for spending it on the right players. But don’t pretend the money doesn’t matter.