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Red Sox trade for Hermida

The Red Sox have acquired 25-year-old OF Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins for LHPs Hunter Jones and Jose Alvarez.

Hermida had a .259/.348/.392 season for the Marlins. He has lefty power and seems likely to be the fourth outfielder. The former first-round pick is arbitration eligible after signing a one-year, $2.25 million deal last January.

At first glance, this is a deal that brings upside at low cost for Boston.

UPDATE, 6:35 p.m.: Here is Marlins GM Larry Beinfest on Hermida:

“He had a lot of opportunity here. We wish him well. … I think that goes with a lot of first-round picks. Our expectations were high for Jeremy. He had his moments where he was highly productive, like the second half of ’07. But, given his talent level, I think the expectation was for more. Hopefully he’ll realize it (potential) elsewhere.”


Theo Epstein will speak to reporters within the hour. This post will be updated then.

UPDATE, 7:23 p.m.: This quick analysis from Tony Mazz:

The Red Sox view Hermida as a player worth gambling on based on his career path and development to this point. The acquisition cost was extremely low, though Hermida earned $2.25 million in 2009 and is eligible for salary arbitration while he is not a particularly good compliment to the Red Sox as a bench player, the club is essentially rolling the dice that Hermida can turn into a productive everyday player somewhere down the road.

UPDATE, 7:25 p.m.: It’s just paperwork, but Jason Bay, Billy Wagner and Rocco Baldelli all officially filed for free agency.


UPDATE, 8:27 p.m.: Some comments from Theo Epstein:

“This was not a blockbuster. This was a value trade, a chance to get a guy with unfulfilled potential at a reasonable cost.

“The last two years, there were high expectations that didn’t come together for him. His performance certainly hasn’t been as good the last two years as it was in 2007. I can tell you that’s the reason we were able to acquire him today. Had he maintained that performance or had linear progression from 2007 to today, there’s no way we would have been trading for him, let alone in this kind of a deal.


“Hermida is a player who hasn’t fulfilled his potential yet. We acquired him today for a reasonable cost to see if he might be able to fulfill that potential with us. He’s somebody who has positive indicators that future performance might be better than his past performance. His minor-league track record, his age, his draft pedigree, our scouting reports over the year indicate there’s a chance that he can turn into the player he was once thought to be.

“Certainly this is a good time to acquire him when his value is a little bit low and to see if with a change of scenery he will be able to fulfill his potential.


“He is somebody who had and we feel may still have considerable promise. This is a player who was highly sought after as an amateur. We liked him in the draft.

“He’s about to move into his prime years. Sometimes talented young players who struggle at the big-league level put it all together and sometimes they don’t. We had a chance to acquire one for what we deemed to be a very reasonable cost.”

Back in a bit with some comments from Hermida, who just said he was “thrilled” with the trade.

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