Bay, Wagner are Type A free agents

Rankings for Boston’s free agents courtesy of the MLBPA:

Type A: Jason Bay, Billy Wagner,

Type B: Jason Varitek.

Unranked: Rocco Baldelli, Paul Byrd, Alex Gonzalez, Chris Woodward.

What this means: Bay and Wagner, should they sign with another team, would bring back two draft picks as compensation. The Sox would get the other team’s first-round pick and a “sandwich” pick at the end of the first round. Varitek would bring back one pick, the secondary first-rounder.

The Sox would receive no compensation for the other players.

Note: Victor Martinez and Tim Wakefield were not included on this list. Boston picked up Martinez’s option and has agreed to a new deal with Wakefield. Martinez would have been a Type A and Wakefield a Type B.


UPDATE, 3:52 p.m.: The draft-pick compensation is contingent on the free agent being offered arbitration.

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